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Useful Local Information
blood donor logo» Blood Donor Information
# Police (Winterbourne Local Beat information)
# Winterbourne Parish Council
# The Bradley Stoke Journal
# Bradley Stoke website
» Photographs of Winterbourne from the air
» Schools in Winterbourne
Local Clubs and Societies
# Winterbourne Community Association
# Fromeside Gymnastics Club
# 1st Winterbourne Down and Buryside Scouts
# Clubs at the Greenfield Centre
# Winterbourne Down Village Carnival
# Winterbourne Down Border Morris
Winterbourne Church
# Winterbourne Church Records Online
# St Michael's Church Official website
» Guide to St Michael's Church 1987 (revised 2007)
» 1905 Brief Account of the Church by Rev ATS Goodrick
» Guide to Winterbourne Church by Shipway, about 1931
» 1937 Short Guide to the Church by C Roy Hudleston
» Church Guide (author unknown) 1960s
» Millenium Guide to the Church by Gill Greef
» Winterbourne Rectories
» The Life and Times of Rev Arthur Henry Austen-Leigh
» The Life and Times of Rev Alfred Thomas Scrope Goodrick
» Church Records and Registers
» Rehanging the Church Bells Project 1983-1985
» Rehanging the Church Bells Project Diary
» Rehanging the Church Bells Project Photogallery
» Bell Ringers and Bell Rules
» Handbell Ringers
» Handbell Ringers trip to Australia
» Very old news about the steeple
» Chantry Chapel in St Michael's Church
# Salem Church
» Guide to St John's Church FRENCHAY
Local History
# Winterbourne Family History Online
# A History of Winterbourne by Sue Cairns
» Memories of Winterbourne - a school history project 1996
» Domesday Book - Winterbourne entry
» Ludwell's History of Winterbourne (1972)
» St Michael's Rooms, 1988
» Drawings (1900s) of Winterbourne by Samuel Loxton.
» Harry Grindell-Matthews
» Brian Sanders drawings of Winterbourne
» Mr Winterbourne - biography of Dr Elliot
» Winterbourne House
» Frenchay Village Museum
with useful links to Frenchay Museum and Frenchay Tuckett Society
» the Winterbourne Division Act of 1841
» Tree Ring dating at Winterbourne Court Farm Barn (Winterbourne Medieval Barn)
» Iron Acton Court (includes Tree Ring dating)
» Drilling for water
» Ram Hill Colliery and the Dramway
Winterbourne Court Farm Barn (Winterbourne Medieval Barn)
# Winterbourne Medieval Barn Website
» Winterbourne Medieval Barn (Tree Ring dating)
Other Information
» The Ridings Arts Centre AND the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School?
» Harry Potter, J K Rowling and Albus Dumbledore!
» The Pig Scalding Pot
» Hat-making in Watley's End
» Winterbourne's rare Austin Sixteen Six
» JDF181 Morris rebuild (the old Harris Hardware van!)
» Christmas Bellpost
» Hot-air balloons over Winterbourne
» The semaphore alphabet
» Rolls-Royce nostalgia(100k audio download)

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