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South Gloucestershire
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Hot-air balloons over Winterbourne

Hot-air balloons are a frequent sight in the area. Bristol is the balloon capital of the world with manufacturers Cameron and Thunder and Colt both based in Bedminster.

The premier launch site is Ashton Court, the prevailing winds are south-westerly, so balloons often drift over this area.

There are at least three qualified hot-air balloon pilots living in Winterbourne - impressive when you consider there are only a few thousand hot-air balloon pilots in the entire world!

During the 1990s there were frequent balloon launches from The Hillyfields, Frenchay Common and the Collegiate (now Silverhill) School. There were also launches from Frenchay Hospital and Winterbourne Rectory.

Headway balloon meet
Balloons ready for take-off at Frenchay Hospital

Balloon pilot John Kite flies his parents, George and Elma.
G-CRAK "Mobile Windscreens" takes off from the Collegiate (now Silverhill) School grounds in Winterbourne

balloon G-CRAK
G-CRAK "Mobile Windscreens" over Winterbourne

balloon G-BPBU launch
G-BPBU "Skymaid" takes off from Eastwood Garden Centre

G-BPBU Skymaid
G-BPBU "Skymaid" over Winterbourne

G-BPBU over Frenchay Church
G-BPBU "Skymaid" over Frenchay Church