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The Bells Rehanging Project
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The Bells Project 1983-1985

The Project was led by Tower Captain Terry Jefferies. Throughout the project it was apparent that there was no job too big or too small that Terry couldn't do!

Relaxing with a mug of tea

bell13 bell4
Hammering and Drilling

bell5 bell6
Explaining and Flooring

bell10 bell19
Hammering and Welding

bell12 bell3
Lifting and Sawing


bell14 bell16
Bell removing and Bell raising

bell9 Hammering

bell18 bell15
Checking and Painting

Relaxing with a mug of tea

The Display

At the end of the project, John Turner and Chris Greef put together a display of photographs showing the Bells Rehanging Project - and here it is. You may recognise some of the photographs that have been used elsewhere on the Winterbourne Website! The rest of the individual photographs are being digitised for display here at a later date.

display board 1

display board 2

display board 3

display board 4

display board 5

display board 6

display board 7