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The Rev A T S Goodrick
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The Life and Times of
Rev. Alfred Thomas Scrope Goodrick

Rev A T S Goodrick, Rector of Winterbourne from 1900 until his death here in 1914, left little information about himself. This history draws together information from many sources and will be revised from time-to-time during ongoing research.

We acknowledge the generous help of:
Ray Bulmer, Frenchay Museum Records
Lyal Goodrick
Michael B Goodrick
Dr Naomi Ward, Lambeth Palace Library
Michael Riordan, St John's Oxford College Archives

Sources used:
Michael B Goodrick
Winterbourne, Gloucestershire
Dr CHB Elliot
History of Winterbourne
HWN Ludwell
Alumni Oxoniensis: the members of the University of Oxford, 1715-1886
J Foster
St John's College Biographical Register, 1775-1875
Crockford's Clerical Directory
Winterbourne Parish Registers

The historical pedigree for Rev ATS Goodrick is taken from the excellent Goodrick Family History by kind permission of Michael B Goodrick. In addition, Michael kindly supplied the following interesting information:
"The writing is that of Charles Alfred Goodricke, family historian, author of Goodrick Family History First Edition 1885. A PDF copy of his book can be found on the website.
The obituary was by a school friend and was published in a local newspaper at the time but the one you have published on the Winterbourne website is a copy by Charles Alfred Goodricke and published in his diary. The two men were both in frequent contact during their lifetime with regard to the Goodrick/e family history. I have an original copy which is displayed on my web page; a further copy can be found in the British Library museum; the diary of Charles Alfred Goodricke is at Ribston hall and this contains another copy. Some have the full information, others lack some family branch extensions."

Our grateful thanks are due to Michael B Goodrick, and, of course, the family historian, Charles Alfred Goodricke.
The Rev. Alfred Thomas Scrope Goodrick, MA.
Native of Gt. Yarmouth and a man of considerable literary note and classical distinction.
Born in this town (??) in the year 1856. Educated at the old Yarmouth Grammar School under Dr J. J. Raven, whence he entered St. John's College, Cambridge.
After a time he changed to Magdelen Oxford, winning high honours at both Universities.
He also spent two years at Gottingen with distinction, making the acquaintance and securing the friendship of various men of note.

M.A. and Fellowship at St. John's, Oxford in 1879. He obtained 1st. Class Mod. [Moderns], 1876, B.A. 2nd Class Literature and Humanities, 1879; Ellerton Prix. 1880; St. John's, 1882; was lecturer 1880 - 1883; tutor 1883 - 96; clerical Moderator 1889 - 90.

He married Margaret Jessie, second daughter of Rev. T.J.Johnson, Rector of Britwell, Oxfordshire. Married at Britwell 29 December 1890. They had two sons, George (born about 1893) - in Assam India in 1913, and Harry, born about 1895. Margaret Jessie died about 1906. His second marriage was to Hermione, daughter of Rev T B Beesley, Rector of Cheselbourne, Dorset, at Westerleigh on 25 June 1913. There were no children by the second marriage.

Rector of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire 1890-1914. Died age 58 years on 19th June 1914. Buried 23rd June 1914 in Winterbourne Churchyard.

His Obituary

This obituary was appears to be a hand-written draft by a school friend that was later published in a local newspaper. It provides us with a good insight into Alfred's life.
obituary page 1

obituary page 2
which reads as follows:
GOODRICK The Rev. Alfred. Thomas. Scrope. Goodrick, MA, Rector of Winterbourne Gloucestershire age 58years (19th June 1914.)No, 279. Buried 23rd June 1914 in Winterbourne Church South Gloucestershire.

The Rev. Alfred Thomas Scrope Goodrick, whose death on June 19th is noted in our columns of today, was a native of Gt. Yarmouth and a man of considerable literary note and classical distinction. Born in this town in the year 1856 he received his education at the old Yarmouth Grammar School under Dr J. J. Raven, whence he entered St. John's College, Cambridge. After a time he changed to Magdelen [pronounced: maudlin], Oxford, winning high honours at both Universities. He also spent two years at Gottingen with distinction, making the acquaintance and securing the friendship of various men of note.

He eventually took his M.A. and Fellowship at St. John's, Oxford in 1879. He obtained 1st. Class Mod. [Moderns], 1876, B.A. 2nd Class Literature and Humanities, 1879; Ellerton Prix. 1880; St. John's, 1882; was lecturer 1880 - 1883; tutor 1883 - 96; clerical Moderator 1889 - 90.

Leaving St. John's to enter upon the rectorship of Winterbourne, Gloucestershire, he retained that living till the day of his death. He made his mark chiefly as a classical scholar and lecturer, but his general literary eminence was considerable, he being a frequent contributor to "Blackwood" and other journals of that class. His article in the former on "Mere Children in Finance", a phrase used by Cecil Rhodes when he endowed by will the famous Rhodes' scholarships, and applying to University dignitaries generally, was quoted largely by the leading dailies as proving up to the hilt the justice of the description. His connection with college government and keen business instincts entitled him to judge. His English translation of Simplicissimus, a curious German work, "Now for the first time done into English," published by Heinemann, 1912, was noticed and commented upon by the leading journals as remarkable evidence of almost unique intimacy with the subtleties of German expression and idiom in an Englishman bred and born.

In brief he was a fine scholar and an exceedingly capable man. In his best days he was gifted with an extraordinary memory, very little escaping him that he had once read or heard, and as a lad at school the writer of this well remembers him saying, "I feel when I get my books and papers round me like one sitting down with a heavy appetite to a good meal." Work was a pleasure to him. He was buried in the quiet grave yard of Winterbourne near the old church he loved so well with its ancient font and Crusaders in stone, about to rest with them.

These family trees were drawn up by Alfred, his sister and other members of the family..



Below is the entry for Alfred Goodrick in St.John's College biographical register:
GOODRICK, Alfred Thomas Scrape; aged 18 in 1875, son of George
Thomas Goodrick, armiger. Educated Magdalen College, Oxford (demy). 1st
Classical Moderations 1876; 2nd Literae Humaniores and BA 1879; MA 1882.
Ellerton Theological Essay Prize 1880. St. John's Coll., Ox. : Fellow 1879-90;
Lecturer 1880-3; Junior Dean 1882, 1883; Tutor and Librarian 1883-90; Vice-
President 1888. HO (deacon 1881; priest 1882): Rector Bardwell 1890;
Winterbourne 1890. Published : ed. 'The relation of Sydnom Poyntz 1624 1636' 
(1908); intr. and notes 'Edward Randolph' (1909); ed. Solomon 'The book of
wisdom1 (1913); trans. G. Schleifhelm van Suisfort 'Simplicissimus the vagabond'
His first wife's father was Rev J T Johnson. Here's his entry in St.John's College biographical register:
JOHNSON, James Thomas (matriculated 28.5.1830, aged 18): son of George Johnson,
surgeon, St.Olave's, London. Educated St.Paul's School 3rd Literae Humaniores
and BA 1834; MA 1839. HO (deacon 1836; priest 1837): Curate Writtle. Essex;
Rector Britwell Salome. Ox. 1851-92. Died 9 May 1892. Brother of George Dent
Johnson (gy).
Alumni Cantabrigienses calls him Alfred Thomas Scrape Goodrick, the second son of George Thomas, an auctioneer, and Maria, and notes that he was born in Great Yarmouth and baptized in February 1857. He was admitted to St John's College Cambridge in June 1874. He edited and translated several books, the records of which can be seen on COP AC,

Entry in Alumni Oxoniensis 1715-1886 p538
Goodrick, Rev. Alfred Thomas Scrope, 2s. George
Thomas,  of Great Yarmouth,  Norfolk,  arm.
MAGDALEN COLL., matric. 16 Oct., 1875, aged 18,
demy 1875-9; fellow ST. JOHN'S COLL. 1879, B.A.
1879, M.A. 1882, lecturer 1880-3, dean of arts 1882,
tutor and librarian 1883.	[35]

Entry in Crockford's Clerical Directory, 1914 p594
 *GOODRICK, Alfred Thomas Scrope, 
Winterbourne Rectory, Bristol.-Late Demy of Magd.
Coll. Ox. 1st ol. Mod. 1876, B.A. (2nd cl. Lit.
Hum.) 1879, Ellerton Pri. 1880, M.A. (St. John's 
Coll.) 1882. U 1881, p 1882 Ox. R. of Winterbourne,
Dio. Bris. 1890. ($, St. John's Coll. Ox ; T.R.C. 
845l, av. 586l w 93 a of Gl; Fees 2l; Gross Inc. 
6651, Net 477l and Ho ; Pop. 1470.) JF Fell, of St. 
John's Coll. 1879-90 ; Lect. 1880-83; Tutor 1883-90; 
Cl. Moderator 1889-90 ; R. of Bardwell 1890. Editor, 
Memorials of Edward Randolph, 2 vols. 1909.

James Thomas Johnson was Rector of Britwell from 1851 until his last appearance in Crockford in 1892. Here's the copy of his last entry.
JOHNSON, James Thomas, Britwell Rectory, 
Wallingford.-St. John's Coll. Ox. B.A. (3rd cl. Lit
Hum.) 1835,   M.A. 1839.   U 1836, p 1837 Linc.
R.  of Britwell-Salome  w  Britwell-Prior, Dio.Ox.
1851. (P,Marquis of Lansdowne; T.R.C.240l, av
182l w 18 a of vGl; Gross Inc.227ll and Ho;
Pop.B.S.158, B.P.50.)
Winterbourne Parish Magazine. OCTOBER, 1890.
Before this reaches your hands, I hope under God's blessing, to have been
admitted to the cure of souls among you, and to have taken up my residence in
the midst of those among whom, in all human probability, it will be my
privilege to live and die in the service of our Master.
Coming from a widely different sphere of work to the care of so important a
parish as this, and having to succeed one so generous, so kindly and so beloved
as your late Rector, it behoves me to ask you all earnestly for such assistance
as you will be able, in whatever station of life you may happen to be, most
certainly to afford me on occasion, and above all to beseech you to remember me
in your prayers to Almighty God.
It will be my study while I dwell among you, to endeavour to promote that
kindly feeling between the individual members of the same parish, and between
Parishioners and Pastor, which is in these days the strength of the Church of
England. It is my intention to take no step in which I shall not feel sure that
I am supported by the hearty goodwill of those amongst whom I live.
Doubting not that the blessing of God will further the work begun in His name,
I remain, your faithful servant in Christ, ATS GOODRICK.
Winterbourne Parish Magazine.November 1890
On Friday, October 3rd, the Rev A.T.S. Goodrick was formally inducted to the
Living of Winterbourne, and on the Sunday following, he "read himself in" - 
an event of rare occurrence in this parish.

Living in the Winterbourne Rectory

view of rectory1
The present rectory was built by Mr. Whitfield, rector, who borrowed the money 
for the purpose from Queen Anne's Bounty, and was completed in 1834, the year 
of his death. The main approach to it was from Church Lane. 
Mr. Austen-Leigh made some additions to the house.
(Eliot 1936)

The 1901 Census records only the Rector and his wife living at the Rectory - unlike his predecessor Austen-Leigh who had several servants.
53 The Rectory
Alfred TS  GOODRICK head M 44 Clergy Man Church of England	Britwell Salome, Oxford
Margaret J GOODRICK wife M 43 Swaffham, Norfolk
This census record has either been transcribed incorrectly or the census is wrong, for Alfred came from Swaffham and Margaret came from Britwell Salome.

So the living quarters for the servants must have been empty.
servants' living quarters?

The Stables

In 1882 a water surveyor wrote 'Some years ago it was proposed to supply a portion of Bristol with water from the Frampton Cotterell iron mines, which are in the Pennant, and the analysis made of the water showed it to be of good quality'. Subsequently a Frampton Cotterell iron mine was acquired by the West Gloucestershire Water Company. On 10 March 1884, Arthur Henry chaired a local meeting to consider a scheme by the new Waterworks Company: 'Sir,
I forward a resolution passed at a Meeting of the Inhabitants of Winterbourn held this day in the schoolroom for the purpose of considering the proposed scheme of the new Waterworks Company.
That this meeting requests the Rector to receive from Mr Doggett an undertaking of the part of the Company that those parts of the Parish of Winterbourn which lose water owing to the action of the Company shall be compensated on the same principle as that on which they have undertaken to compensate the Parish of Frampton Cotterell, & that subject to such an undertaking it is of opinion that the proposed scheme will be beneficial to the Parish.
A H Austen Leigh

Bristol Waterworks laid a ten-inch water main in Winterbourne High Street in 1890, although main drainage was not laid in the High Street until 1954 and in Green Lane/Swan Lane in 1964.

So in Goodrick's time at the rectory, this pump was only just being replaced as the source of fresh water!
view of rectory6
Frenchay Church Magazine. July 1914.
The Late Rector of Winterbourne.
Our civil official title is, we are told by the County Council Education Committee, 
"Winterbourne Frenchay," and there are still some old-fashioned enough to think
that those who undertake to teach ought themselves to know, 
but at all events it must ever be our pride to have once formed part of the 
old historical ecclesiastical parish (and what other kind of parish can there be?)
of Winterbourne. But it was not as civil parishioners or independent offshoots
only that on Saturday, 20th June, our hearts, already saddened by our great
affliction of the day before, were plnnged in deeper gloom by the news that 
on that same day, Friday, June 19th, had died Alfred Thomas Scrope Goodrick,
Rector of Winterbourne, late Demy of Magdalen, Fellow of S. John's, Ellerton
Prizeman, of honours longer than the Herald's horn, and claims for adolescent
scholarship to recognise. But it is not for a massive mind enshrined in a
massive frame we simple villagers chiefly mourn, but for a most genial and
sympathetic personality, and for the real wisdom which could impart of its own
in all humility to our simplicity. On June 11th, with his lately-wed wife he
returned from Swanage (whither of late he had been wont to resort to repair
sadly precarious health) to fulfil some social and parochial engagements. At
one of the former on that very afternoon he confided to an old friend how
trying he had found the early start and long journey. On the Sunday following
he officiated and preached in his own church; on Tuesday he was greeted of many
friends at a garden party; on Wednesday, appearing to be quite well and in very
good spirits, he and his wife left for Swanage again; then he had a violent
attack of hemorrhage, doctors and nurses were immediately summoned; but shortly
after midnight on Thursday he breathed his last. 

Here's his obituary, newspaper unknown, but presumably in the Great Yarmouth area.
GOODRICK.--On the 19th Inst.. the Rev. Alfred Thomas
 Scrope Goodrick, M.A., Rector of Winterbourne, Glou-
 cestershire, aged 58.