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South Gloucestershire
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Samuel Loxton

In the early 1900s, numerous illustrations appeared in the Bristol newspapers by artist Samuel Loxton, who portrayed hundreds of views of Bristol and surrounding areas.

The good news is we have permission from Bristol City Council to publish Loxton's drawings of Winterbourne, and we are very grateful for their kind permission to publish on the Winterbourne website.

His drawing of » St.Michael's Church appears on the cover of the
» 1988 Church Guide.

beacon lane
"Typical Workmen's Cottages, Beacon Lane."1913

high street
"Winterbourne, The North End."1913

"Winterbourne Viaduct"
This magnificent example of Victorian railway architecture is shown under construction at the turn of the century as part of the Great Western Railway's line from Wootton Bassett to Patchway. It has eleven arches. The highest is nearly 100 feet above the river.

Cow-byres at Winterbourne Court Farm Barn

Winterbourne Court Farm Barn

Dovecote at Winterbourne Court Farm Barn