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Guide to St Michael's Church
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The old church spire

old spire

Hambrook House (Grade II Listed) is a 17th century building and was refaced in 1784.

In an orchard in at the back of the house is an icehouse (Grade II Listed) - a domed stone structure sunken into the ground. On top of this is the top six metres of the spire of Winterbourne Church which was damaged by lightning. The spire was struck by lightning in 1827 and repaired at a cost of £65. It was considered unsafe in 1853 and was taken down to within a few courses of the tower and rebuilt by the same architect who built Frenchay Church. The old stones were set up in the orchard of Hambrook House, the home of Rev John Pring. This structure has recently been restored. It was featured in "Cotswold Life" magazine in the February 2001 edition, and in the national magazine "Period House", also in February 2001.