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South Gloucestershire
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Researching Family History

Copies of local Parish Records, Registers and School Records for Winterbourne, Winterbourn Down and Frenchay have been made available for everyone to view by
#The Frenchay Tuckett Society at the Frenchay Museum. This valuable source of references is continuing to grow!
These records are now available on-line at
# Winterbourne Family History Online

#Frenchay Museum is situated just inside entrance B of the hospital and is open Saturday and Sunday 2-5pm and Wednesday 12.30-4pm

Useful sources on the Web for obtaining Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates can be found at
#James Frank, BMD Certificates, London
Logo for  Government Births, Marriages and deaths

Useful reference sources on the Web can be found at

The excellent Dave Steel "Gloucestershire Surnames" Australian site lists contacts for current research on each surname. Unfortunately it has disappeared from the location

# Frenchay Museum Archives is a mine of information for you to search, as well as having an appeal page.

So is # The Parishes at Rootsweb (go to file 19)

Good luck in your researches!

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