The 1890 Bellfund Appeal
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List of subscribers to the Bells Fund 1890

December 1890. 
List of Subscribers...
	Collected by Miss Clarke...
Douglas and Maria Steele,		2/-
George and AM Lowe,		      	3/-
Elizabeth England,			2/-
John and Elizabeth Skidmore		1/-
Eliza and George Morgan		4/-
Henry and Jane Morgan		4/-
Mrs Cook			          2/-
Mrs Callaghan			£1
Miss Clarke			5/-

	Collected by the Rector...
FF Tuckett, Esq			£1
W Belfield, Esq			£1
HC Ray, Esq			£1/1s
Mr Moses Smith			10/-
The Rev J Mirehouse			£2
Sir H Greville Smyth, Bart		£10
Mr SY Matthews			£1
The Rev ATS Goodrick		£5
	Collected by Miss E Matthews...
William Henry and Maria Jane Fletcher 6d
Samuel and Susan Goodfield		4d
John and Amelia Hollister		6d
William and Elizabeth Land		6d
George and Sarah Goodfield		2d
Thomas and Sarah Knapp		6d
James and Emma Goodfield		2d
Thomas and Eliza Pearce		1/-
Henry and Mary Rodman		2d
Mrs Mary Rodman			1d
Mark and Constance Sollis		3d
John and Leonora Hartnell		3d
George and Anne Barnes		3d
John and Elizabeth Pearce		3d
George and Jane Edwards		1/-
James and Anne Skidmore		2d
George and Sarah Lowe		6d
Mrs Anne Hollister			6d
Sydney and Elizabeth Bisp		3d
Albert Wilson			6d
	Collected by Mrs Jeffery Matthews...
Mr Walter Payne		5/-	Edward and Harriet Gifford        2d
Mrs Elizabeth Anne Macey	2/-	Albert and Annie Mann             2d
Richard and Ellen Ricks	6d	Win. and Anne Hiscox              3d
John and Emma Bisp		2/6	Frank and Eleanor Winter          1/6  
Frederick and Sarah Bisp	6d	Mr Broom Goddard                  2/6
Charles and Fanny Sargent	6d	John and Hester Lewis             3d
Mrs Mary Tucker		3d	Mark and Mary Anne Maggs          6d
Samuel and Anne Coombes	1/-	A Friend                          1/-
	Collected by Mrs Eden Jones...
Mr Henry Matthews			10/-
Charles and Elizabeth Sargent		2/6
Philip H Turner			7/6
Alfred Day			4/-
Elizabeth Webb			3d
Joseph and Keren Thomas		6d
George and Fanny Hayes		3d
Albert and Pamela Marshall		2d
Thomas and Sarah Edwards		6d
Frederick and Margaret Luton		6d
George and Hester Bisp		6d
George and Mary Jones		6d
Mrs Eliza Webb			6d
George and Elizabeth A Winter		1/-
Mrs Elizabeth Skidmore		3d
Mrs Mary Anne Derrick		3d
Thomas and Hester Howell		6d
Mrs Hannah Turner			2d
Robert and Anne Bignell		2d
John and Mary Anne Hiscox		6d
Frank and Sarah Mayell		6d
Thomas Hollister			1/-
Thomas and Louisa Hollister		2/-
Thomas A and Jane Grove		1/-
Joseph and Louisa Thornell		1/-
Sarah Monks			4d
John Dent				3d
George and Anna Horsman		2/-
William and Emma J Hiscox		6d
George and Caroline Gilby		1/-
Sarah Gilbv			1/-
John and Jane Lock			6d
John and Anne Andrews		3d
Henry and Mary Skidmore		1/6
Jane Dean				2/-
Mrs Anne Maby and Mary Hanks		2/6
Florence Jones			6d
Mrs Mary Anne Ward			1/-
Samuel and Anne Edwards		2d
William and Eliza Rodman		1/-
Enoch and Rebecca Shipway		2/6
	Collected by Miss K Matthews...
Thomas Henry & Anne Price		2/-
Mark & Harriet Thomas		3d
Henry & Sarah Thomas		3d
John & Betsy Hale			1d
Joseph & Anne Pullin		2d
Robert & Hannah Bisp		3d
George & Susan Badman		6d
Henry & Fanny Bisp			3d
Edward & Annie Jones		2d
Mrs Eliza Jone			3d
Albert & Elizabeth Maggs		3d
Henry & Annie Brown			6d
Mrs Elizabeth Curry			3d
Charles & Mary Lewis		1d
William & Amy Gardiner		2d
John & Mary Maggs			6d
Charles & Annie Adams		3d
Albert & Caroline Goodman		6d
George & Fanny Thomas		3d
Edwin & Harriet Upton		3d
Alfred & Elizabeth Jones		3d
Charles & Pamela Harmer		3d
William Bird			3d
William & Kate Bisp			3d
George & Fanny Andrews		6d
George Smith			3d
Austen & Eliza Curtis		3d
William & Selina Hughes		1/-
Harry & Emma Deakins		3d
James & Mary Anne Pearce		6d
Joseph & Mary Thompson		3d
Mrs Hayward			2/6
Mrs MA Underdown		1/-
Mrs MA Thornell		1/-
John Baylis		6d
Mrs Hester Edwards		2d
Mrs Mary Sollis		3d
Mrs Anne Cook		6d
Mrs Jane Cooper		6d
Mrs Alice Gingel		6d
Mrs Elizabeth Close		3d
	Collected by Mr Jeffery Matthews...
WG Tanner, Esq		£5
Bristol Charity Trustees	£2/2s
Mrs Darby Griffiths		£2
Dr Eadon			£1/1s
Mr EK Morgan		£1
Mr George Lane		10/6
Messrs Garlick & Sons	10/-
Mr Jeffery Matthews		£1
	Collected by the Misses Marsh...
Lord Dunsany, MP		£2/2s
John Stone, Esq		£2/2s
Charles WE Marsh, Esq	£1/1s
Mr Charles Barton		10/-
Mrs William Matthews	3/-
Miss Matthews		2/6
Benjamin Good		2/6
Henry & Jane Rodman		3d
Moses & Rosina Flook	3d
Robert & Annie Anstey	3d
Elizabeth Smith		3d
Mrs Mary Anne Goodfield	3d
George & Louisa Eaves	3d
William & Martha Maggs	6d
Mrs Polly Mills		2d
Albert & Thirza Brittain	3d
Mrs Elizabeth Maggs		3d
Walter & Elizabeth Kethro	6d
Jeffery & Fanny Cook	3d
Joseph & Hester Walker	3d
Edwin & Julia Thornell	3d
Samuel & Jane Coles		2d
Mrs Caroline Maggs		3d
Mrs Betsy Mann		3d
Mrs Nancy Maggs		2d
John & Annie Ricketts	6d
George & Elizabeth Lowe	3d
Fred & Laura Alsop		3d
Mrs Sabina Smith		6d
Tom & Phoebe Short		3d
Joseph & Mary Always	3d
Mrs Sarah Tanner		6d
John & Rebecca Maggs	2d
Albert & Elizabeth Howes	2d
Henry Anstey		3d
George & Harriet Langley	3d
George & Hester Maggs	2d
Henry & Alice Hollister	6d
George & Helen Hulands	6d
Isaac & Martha Maggs	4d
Henry & Mary Anne Mann	3d
John & Ellen Thyne		6d
William & Rachael Howes	6d
Thomas & Ruth Eaves		3d
Mrs Eliza Young		3d
James & Anne Jones		3d
William Roach		2/6
Michael Jacobs		1/-
George & Mary Mann		6d
Frank & Caroline Kethro	3d
Frank & Sabina Howes	3d
Mrs Thirza Pritchard	1/-
Philip & Sarah Anne Rogers	3d
Thomas & Mary Always	3d
Charles Elliott		1/-
Orlando & Sarah Anne Rogers   3d
George Maggs		6d
Philip & Elizabeth Jones	2d
Fred & Mary A Hacker	3d
Edwin & Elizabeth England	3d
Samuel & Mary Anne Jones	2d
George & Anne Maggs		3d
Mrs Harriet England		3d
George & Elizabeth Maggs	3d
Henry & Sarah Goodfield	3d
George & Elizabeth Lewton	6d
James & Elizabeth Gleed	6d
Frederick & Martha Smart	3d
Mrs Elizabeth Tamblyn	3d
Austen & Grace Always	6d
George Hooper		3d
John & Jane Short		3d
Francis & Anne Burchall	6d
HW Marsh, Esq		£1/1s
AH Bishop, Esq		5/-
George Lewton		2/6
Thomas & Elizabeth Tanner	6d
	Collected by Mr Eden Jones...
HW Ward, Esq		£1
TG Seymour, Esq		£2/2s
Mr R Howes		5/-
The Rev AH Austen-Leigh	£5
Mr E Eden Jones		£1
	Collected by Mr J Norbury...
Dr Crossman		£1/1s
JW Mayow, Esq		£1
Mr John Gibbs		5/-
Mr W Norbury		£1

	[Added to page in Manuscript...]
Grand Total		£71/4/3d

11 Collectors, Subs from 363 people.