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South Gloucestershire
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Books and videos

"Winterbourne, Gloucestershire"

by Dr C H B Elliot. Published in 1936.

Even today, some 80 years later, this book remains the standard reference for all interested in the history of the area.

It has been republished by the Frenchay Tuckett Society with the addition of a comprehensive index with over 1,000 entries. All proceeds from the book go to the Frenchay Museum appeal.

The book is available from:
The Frenchay Tuckett Society
5 Cliff Court Drive
Bristol BS16 1LP
price £7.50 plus £1 postage and packing.

Alan Freke of the Frenchay Tuckett Society »writes about Dr Elliot

"Around Frampton Cotterell and Winterbourne"

by Smith, Spittal, Marks and Andrews. Interesting old photographs of the area.
This book is available from the museum or the Frenchay Tuckett Society.
We are aware of some date errors in this book.

"Around Hambrook"

by Syd Marks. Interesting old photographs of the area.
This book is also available from the museum or the Frenchay Tuckett Society.

"Winterbourne AD2000"

by John Moore, Oliver Rackham, Gill Greef and Edward Bailey

£5 from St Michael's Parish Office
95 High Street, Winterbourne,
Bristol BS36 1RD

"Winterbourne -a journey through time"

Video cover

Explore the beautiful area of Winterbourne and Hambrook with Bristol-based artist and horseman Ian Cryer, who spent his early years at Harcombe Farm.

Climb aboard Ian's old-style horse and cart, and let his lovely shire horse give you a unique view of Winterbourne - past and present.

Highlights of the tour include recollections from local characters who remember Farming, Quarrying and Shops as they were in old times.

The 800th anniversary of St Michael's Church is celebrated with a special feature on the church, and the rich history of the other churches and chapels in the area is also reflected.

You will also enjoy features on the Hatting industry at Watley's End, Winterbourne Railway Station and The Ridings High School.

£11-95 from 1st Take Videos, Chedworth, Yate.

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» Guide to St.Michael's Church

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