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Terence Moody and the Winterbourne House story
The new Amazon e-book.
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Terence Moody

Terence Moody published a book on Winterbourne House forty years ago which sold about three hundred copies worldwide, many to ex students of the Collegiate School at the house. He was the architect for the house at the time and developed a deep-rooted love for the house which he still has today at the age of 86 (2016).
Following the death of his wife four years ago he decided to write a second and updated edition of the book which has now been published as a digital download on Amazon Kindle edition: "Winterbourne House by Terence Moody" for the modest sum of £5-61!

The book is extremely good, is beautifully presented in digital format and has many historic photographs of the building and the people who lived in it. There is a whole section on the work of the RAF there during the war, on the Collegiate School and on the more recent Silverhill School. The book was compiled from a wide range of primary source material, all of which is documented in the bibliography and would be of great interest to anybody else writing about the history of Winterbourne and in particular to anybody interested in Quaker history in the area.

Most people have never seen the more interesting details of the house. Silverhill school invited Terence Moody to conduct a tour for selected guests in 2015 which was very well received.

His passion for the house remains quite remarkable after forty years (not to mention at the age of 86), while his zest for life continues - he recently returned from three weeks in New Zealand, climbed 60 feet up the rigging on SS Great Britain on his return before embarking on one of the working boats that ply up the Norway coast to the Arctic Circle.

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